Our Sunday Worship Assembly

God is our focus!

We assemble each Sunday morning to worship God. This gives him all the glory and honor he deserves. Worshiping together builds us up, as individuals and as a group. We become better and better servants and Christians each week! Anyone and everyone is invited to join us.

As God is the focus of worship, he can only be worshiped in the way that he has said. Jesus said that God can only be worshiped in spirit and in truth (John 4:24). That is, worship starts on the inside of a person, in the heart, and is not so much about appealing to our senses. God has told us how he wants to be worshiped in the New Testament. This is how we can worship him "in truth."

According to what we see in the New Testament, our worship assembly on the first day of each week consists of congregational a cappella singing, prayers, the Lord's Supper, collection of contributions, and a sermon. We meet Sunday mornings at 10:30 at 1939 S. Pasfield in Springfield. Everyone is invited and we love to have visitors! The Sunday Bible class is held prior to the assembly at 9:30.